why is my cat laying in litter box

why is my cat laying in litter box

1. The cat feels unsafe. Although the litter box is not so hygienic in your opinion, this place with its smell is very safe for the restless and scared cat. When cats suddenly change their environment, the litter box will become their haven, and staying here will make them feel at ease. When the cat adapts to the environment, it will change.

2. I'm sick.

When the cat stays in the litter box for a long time, it may be to facilitate the toilet.

Urinary tract infections, bladder infections, kidney stones and other diseases are all causes for cats to go to the toilet frequently. When a cat goes to the toilet too many times a day, should pay attention to it.

3. Defend your territory.

This situation often occurs when multiple cats share a litter box. When the cat with the highest status does not want to share the litter box with other cats, it will lie in the litter box.

Or a cat who is often bullied, he feels that once he leaves the litter box, he will never have a chance to come back, so he has to stay here all the time.

Of course, some cats may simply like the "King Place" of the litter box. Remember to clean it up in time.