Q:How big is this product for cats?
A:This litter box is recommended for cats within 6.5 kg.
Cats of different breeds vary in size. Please pay attention to the size of the product before purchase.

Q:What kind of cat litter can this cat litter box use?
A:The litter box is suitable for aggregating cat litter, such as tofu cat litter, bentonite cat litter and crystal cat litter

Q:What if the cat is unwilling to go in?
A:When use the box for the first time, you can mix with used litter to make the cat adapt more quickly

Q:Can anyone sit on the litter box?
A:The litter box is for pets.Do not sit on the litter box.

Q:Can the filter sand walkway be removed?
A:Filter litter walkway is removable design,so loose is normal.

Q:Do I need to install the litter box?
A:Only the wooden feet need to be installed.
Remove the litter pot,Twist the screws into the wooden feet.
Attention that the 2 short wooden feet should installed in front of the 2 long wooden feet.

Q:Can the litter box be placed outdoors?
A:Do not put the box under direct sunlight or high temperature places in case of deformation and fading.